Media Acquisitions

All film submissions are handle by our VP of Media Acquisitions. All films go through a thorough review process by our acquisitions and licensing department. You must upload your finished film for review to be accepted. After you upload your film for review our VP of Acquisitions will contact you to discuss licensing.

Films are accepted after proper review. When your film is accepted we will contact you regarding rates and contracts.

Film Submission Requirements:

  • Minimum Resolution:   1080p @ 12Mbps
  • Preferred Resolution:   2160p @ 30Mbps
  • Format:   MP4, H.264
  • File Name Format:    FilmName - ProductionCompanyName.mp4
  • TV Series Naming Convention:    FilmName - Season # Episode # - ProductionCompanyName.mp4
  • Do NOT add counting leader or advertisements/banners to the film.
  • Do NOT add letterboxing.
  • DO pay all  music licensing fees required by law to the appropriate licensing bureau
  • DO create movie poster artwork in portrait orientation 9:16 aspect ratio for marketing
  • DO create landscape orientation 16:9 Thumbnail artwork for the video gallery
  • DO provide written synopsis short description of your film for marketing
  • DO provide written synopsis per episode if you submit a TV series
  • DO provide cast and crew data so we can include this in the film description
  • DO include .VTT subtitles if your film is NOT in English



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