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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Chillaxin?
You can watch anywhere that internet connection is available.
What is Chillaxin?
We are a film, movie, tv show, video content distribution platform where you can sign up and watch everything as often as you want, anywhere you want.
How much does Chillaxin cost?
The month fee is currently $9.97. Nearly 50% of that money is paid back to filmmakers. If you know any filmmakers, tell them about us and support them by signing up and watching their films.
Do you accept independent films?
Yes! Absolutely! 100% we accept independent films from all over the world. Most of our films are created by talented independent filmmakers who love filmmaking. So, tell your favorite independent filmmakers to send us their films and help them earn money from their hardwork!
Contact our VP of Acquisitions to arrange for a preview of your film prior to acceptance. ALL films must be submitted via the VP of Acquisitions.